First reading: Exodus 24:3-8
Second reading: Hebrews 9:11-15
Gospel reading: Mark 14:12-16.22-26

At the centre of the life of the Church is the eucharist. When we celebrate the solemnity of the
eucharist, we are drawn towards that which reaffirms our faith and connectedness to Christ. If
you are to imagine yourself sitting at table with Jesus and the disciples for the Last Supper,
what would you think could have been your feeling and thoughts when Christ said, “Take it;
this is my body”? Over the years, especially close to the edifice of the solemnity of the Body
and Blood of Christ, celebrations served a purpose that shed light on the real presence of Jesus
Christ for both believers in the Church and those who looked at the eucharist in disbelief and

For us, what does this celebration bring? What does it speak to you today as an individual? We
have heard people say, ‘today’s Mass was fun. Mass was interesting.’ We may have heard some
who say it was boring or dull. How could Mass be defined in such terms yet its essence is in

Let us all reflect today on how we carry ourselves to Mass as well as through the celebration
of the Eucharist. From the ordained minister who stands at the sanctuary to preside over the
solemn mysteries, to those who serve and partake in the Holy events, we all at to prepare
thoroughly. Nowadays certain practices and mannerisms are distorting the sacredness of our

At the table of the Last Supper, recounted in the gospel of today, Jesus invites his disciples not
just to the meal but to what it means and what it brings. He invites them to contemplate his
body and his blood, and so are we. This is our major invitation today, that we contemplate
Christ present in the Eucharist and approach him with reverence.

At one time l visited a community of religious sisters to celebrate Mass with them. As l was
vesting in the sacristy, l saw a prayer hung on the wall, part of it read, ‘Dear priest of God,
celebrate this Mass as if it were your first. Celebrate it as if it were your last.’ That prayer
refreshed me. I had to recall countless times l hurriedly vested without meticulously taking
each step with prayer from the amice to the chasuble. I had to think even about things l often
forgot to check on, that is, how l handle myself at the sanctuary and my presentability. I had to
check if my nails were clean and not off-putting to the people of God. We do see congregants
chewing a gum during Mass. Some come to receive holy communion with palms already
loaded with phones, car keys or some other items. A disturbing experience l had was one young
man who came wearing his headphones. If Christ was to physically visit us in our Churches
one Sunday to see how we celebrate Holy Mass, looking at you and l, would he say we are
doing it ‘in memory of him’?

Dear friends, may we not miss today the opportunity to be refreshed in our faith and union in
Christ. May the faith rekindled today reaffirm our reverence and devotion to Jesus in the
Eucharist. May we be bound together and be a Church that can relive the mission of Christ and
draw all to salvation. May we ever hear Christ say, ‘Take it; this is my body.’

May the Body and Blood of Christ lead us to life everlasting. Amen