Observing the South African 2024 elections

The IMBISA Secretariat and the SACBC justice and peace team came together to witness the highly competitive South African elections on May 29, 2024. These elections were the most fiercely contested since the end of apartheid in 1994, following the enactment of the Electoral Amendment Bill in 2023, which expanded electoral participation and leadership choices for national and provincial elections.

During the observation process in Pretoria, the team witnessed long queues at polling stations and was encouraged by the significant participation of young voters, despite the cold weather. The team also noted the smooth voting process and commends the security officials for their presence at all polling stations.

Pope Francis has emphasized the importance of elections as a fundamental expression of the people’s will and the need for inclusive electoral systems that empower citizens to actively participate in shaping their nations. The observation of the South African elections reflects the enduring spirit of democracy and the collective determination to uphold the principles of justice and peace.