CEPACS at 50: Archbishop Badejo Preaches unity for effective- communication in Africa

The President of the Pan African Committee for Social Communications (CEPACS), Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo has expressed a need for unity for effective communication toward the evangelization of the gospel.

In his homily during the thank-giving mass for the 50th anniversary of CEPACS at Holy Cross Cathedral in the Archdiocese of Lagos, Nigeria, on Sunday, Bishop. Badejo said unity is key to effective communication in a synodal church.

Bishop Badejo said the ongoing process of synodality that seeks a more communal, more responsive response to the people of God, and more relational, not only to the Catholics, will be effective if communication is effective.

“Synodality that means walking together, listening more to one another, and making sure that no one is left behind—that objective in itself is a call for more effective communication,” said the Local Ordinary of Oyo Diocese, Nigeria.

In reference to the Holy See’s Prefect of the Dicastery for Communication, Dr. Paolo Ruffini’s message the true purpose of communication is to build communion and relationships.

Dr. Ruffini said that communication is more than just conveying information; it is more than personalities and media practitioners.

Established in 1973 by SECAM in Ibadan, CEPACS is the Pan African Episcopal Committee for Social Communications.

The 50th anniversary of CEPACS is being commemorated under the theme “CEPACS at 50: Towards Promoting a Synodal Church in Africa through Social Communications.”

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