Digital migration of young people today


Christus Vivit

For many people, immersion in the virtual world has brought about a kind of “digital migration” (90)

To leave home For a better life elsewhere

From what at home is the young person getting away? Is the digital world a better place?










The plusses

  • Social media is part of young people’s identity and way of life
  • Digital environments can unite people across geographic distances
  • It becomes more possible to exchange information, ideals, values and common interests
  • Access to online learning opportunities

The minuses

  • Isolation, laziness, desolation & boredom
  • Obsessive consumption of media products
  • Despite its worldwide nature, we stick to people like us
  • No differences, please

  • Online relationships can become inhuman
  • Digital spaces may blind us to others’ vulnerability
  • Prevent self-reflection
  • Create a delusional parallel reality that ignores human dignity
  • Loss of identity & misrepresentation of self
  • Virtual construction of personality

You want to dialogue with us young people, Church?

  • Get techno-savvy
  • Help us heal from cyberbullying, pornography, online child abuse, etc.