Laudato Si

The Laudato Sì Circles Concept by the GCCM

Extract from the IMBISA Laudato Sì Manual

Laudato Sì Circles bring people together. They are a response to the growing ecological crisis, and space of support and motivation to keep us going. They’re places of encounter where people expand their love for all creation and engage in bold, prophetic action.

Circles meet regularly, from weekly to monthly. Circles take place in homes, parishes, student groups, and more. If you already have a local group, this could be a useful format and supportive community to assist you. If you’d like to start a group, Circles provides all the materials you need.


  1. We all need a community to live the Laudato Sì message. We can’t do it alone. We need a group of peers.
  2. The local level is where real action can take place, given the inaction of national governments and international forums.
  3. The urgency couldn’t be greater. The severity of climate change and the ecological crisis require immediate, bold action.

Reflection on participants’ ongoing process of ecological conversion, particularly as it relates to issues of simplicity and consumption


Prayer with and for creation, for instance through praying outside or an ecological examine, (reconciling God,

Creation and



Laudato Sì Circles are small groups that meet regularly to deepen their relationship with God as Creator and all members of creation.


Group action, such as local community engagement and activism, greening of local Catholic facilities, fossil fuel divestment, participation in Season of Creation, and more.