Retirement of Archbishop Francisco Chimoio

Archbishop Francisco Chimoio, OFM-Cap has retired as the Local ordinary of Maputo Diocese, in Mozambique at the age of 75 years and his resignation has been accepted by the Holy Father Pope Francis. Archbishop Emeritus Chimoio was born 6 December 1947, in Buzi-Sofala, Mozambique. He was ordained a priest on 9 December 1979 in the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. Pope John Paul II appointed him to the position of Bishop of Pemba on 5 December 2000 and his consecration took place on 25 February 2001. On 22 February 2003, John Paul II appointed him to the position of Archbishop of Maputo and on 5 May 2023, Pope Francis accepted his resignation as the Bishop of Maputo. As the IMBISA Region, we want to thank the Archbishop Emeritus Francisco Chimoio for his great contribution in the region and we wish him good health as he retires.

A diocesan bishop who has completed his 75th year is requested by canon law to tender his resignation from office to the Supreme Pontiff. The resignation, then, must be accepted by the Supreme Pontiff. A diocese does not become vacant when a diocesan bishop tenders his resignation, but only when the Supreme Pontiff accepts the resignation. A diocesan bishop whose resignation from office has been accepted retains the title of Bishop Emeritus of his diocese. Retired bishops continue to be members of the College of Bishops