Joy of the Gospel

Jesus invites us all who are over burdened and weary to come to him for rest

Homily for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A
(Zec. 9: 9:10, Ps. 145, Rom. 8:9, 11-13, Mt. 11: 25-30)
Dear friends the gospel of this Sunday invites us all who are over burdened and weary to come to him for rest. Jesus is offering us his solace and relief provided we seek refuge in Him. Jesus describes himself as gently and humble in heart, portraying his compassionate and approachable nature that provides comfort and support to those who come to him.
These are comforting words to us all. We are weary and burdened because of many things. We are weary and tired because of problems and conflicts, pride and Jealousy, anger and hatred. We are weary and burdened because we lack the ability to forgive and sometimes, we do not even want to be forgiven. We lack love and we are unable to console others. We are weary and over burdened because we have too many secrets and they are tormenting us and we are unable to share them with anyone.
Jesus invites us all and he says ‘Come to Me’. There are many things that prevents people from coming to Jesus. Some of us feel that coming to Jesus will undress us. We are afraid because we thing coming to Jesus will increase the weight of our burden. We even think that Jesus will judge us according to the standards of this world. Jesus in today’s gospel assures us that his yoke is easy and his burden is light, suggesting that the path of discipleship with him is not burdensome but rather filled with grace and empowerment.
To come to Jesus is a journey of faith. It is a journey that needs simplicity and humility. It is a journey that needs trust and a feeling of with a loving parent. We need to be receptive of the invitation to come to him. The one thing that makes us languish in our difficulties is to remain at a distance. No matter the situation we need to ‘throw’ ourselves to Jesus. We need to allow ourselves to be His students, allow ourselves to grow in his knowledge, allow ourselves to be guided by him and also to find rest in him.
It is only when we come to Jesus that we will be able to sing the song of praise for the coming of the Kingdom of God that we find in our first reading. It is only then that the Spirit of the Lord will bring life to our mortal bodies. We pray today that we may be able to Come to the Lord as we are and trust that the Lord will give us life and comfort.