The IMBISA Secretariat is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a workshop on PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL COUNCELLING from the 15th of August to the 19th of August 2022 at Saint Padre Pio Retreat Centre in Pretoria; South Africa.

It is a fact that each one of us can experience wounds, failure, suffering and psychological depression. Many thanks to the priest and religious who have always drawn people back to God, people who feel that they are nothing and suffer from spiritual and psychological problems. These pastoral workers are very pivotal in providing pastoral counselling to our dear lay faithful. However, these priests and religious are not exempted from these challenges affecting everyone else. The healer also needs healing. For our pastoral agents to go out and help others they also need help themselves.
There are so many reports of priests committing suicide or suffering from depression in the IMBISA region. Due to this background the IMBISA secretariat has organised a workshop on the PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING firstly to raise awareness on the importance of psycho-spiritual counselling for pastoral workers. Secondly to encourage mainstreaming of psycho-spiritual counselling in all Church structures within the IMBISA region. This workshop has participants from around the IMBISA region with representatives from Bishops, Priests and the Religious and will focus on a wide range of topics from experts in the region.