Statement by representatives of Women Religious in the IMBISA Region

We Women Religious of IMBISA Region, attended the workshop on Safeguarding of Minors and Vulnerable Adults at St. Padre Pio Retreat Centre in Pretoria; South Africa.

We are grateful for the workshop which covered the following topics: Signs and indicators of Sexually Abused persons, Prevention of abuse, Spiritual Trauma and Pastoral care for victims and survivors.

We are empowered with relevant knowledge and Skills to work for Zero tolerance to any forms of abuse.

We are committed to promoting the Aims and Vision of IMBISA in our respective countries, where every one is going to operate in an inclusive approach and promote collaboration, Unity in diversity, Communion, Participation and Mission in a Synodal Church.

We look forward to ongoing Formation on Safeguarding for Bishops, Priests, Brothers, Sisters and Laity, that all will have relevant knowledge on current Laws and issues on Safeguarding.

We promote the Values of Prudence, Trust, Love, Care and Compassion, Fortitude, Temperance in all our Pastoral Ministry with regard to Victims, Survivors and Perpetrators, addressing all levels of Prevention.

We request all Leaders in the IMBISA region to ensure that all Episcopal Conferences have well functioning Safeguarding Policies in every Country addressing their Context.


Representatives of Women Religious