IMBISA Statutes

1.1.0 TITLE  

1.1.1 The name of the organization shall be “The Inter-Regional Meeting  of Bishops of Southern Africa”, hereafter referred to as IMBISA 


2.1.1 IMBISAis an organ of liaison and pastoral cooperation between  Episcopal Conferences of Southern Africa  

2.2.2 For the purpose of the Statutes, Southern Africa Consists of the  territories served by Episcopal Conferences mentioned in article  2.2.1  

2.2.1 The members of IMBISAare the members by right  (as in Canon 450) of the following Episcopal Conferences: 

  • The Episcopal Conference of Angola and São Tomè, (CEAST) The Episcopal Conference of Mozambique, (CEM) 
  • The Lesotho Catholic Bishops’ Conference, (LCBC) 
  • The Southern Africa Catholic Bishops’ Conference, (SACBC); which comprises Eswatini, Botswana and South Africa. 
  • The Namibia Catholic Bishops’ Conference, (NCBC) 
  • The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference, (ZCBC)


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