We encourage writers from all contexts and with all levels of experience to submit stories, articles or opinions via the digital form below. You will find lots of useful info right here to help you do so. If you have any questions, please be in touch via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Simple answer, “Yes!” Anyone can submit a story. There are no limits to who can submit. It may interest you to know that we get really excited when we get stories from lay people and from clergy. We love the combination of view points expressed by both groups. We also get excited to receive stories from young people and older people, both groups have unique perspectives and we’d love to share both with our readers. Equally, we love stories from, women and from men. We love stories from rural areas and big cities, and all the spaces in between. We encourage the widest possible range of writers to submit stories, and so today, we invite you in, to share your particular perspective with Southern Africa and the world.

Imbisa is an organisation of the Catholic Church. As such, our focus is on issues pertaining to the local Church in our member regions. We were formed to be a conduit of information between bishops conferences so that communities and their Catholic leadership could express successes and challenges and benefit from insights and solutions from other areas facing similar issues. It is however, not only issues and responses that we are after. We love news and updates from all over the region. We also welcome opinions on topical matters. Imbisa can be a platform for constructive dialogue too, so if you would like to put forward a view and invite a variety of responses, we would welcome your submission.

Every submission is reviewed before a decision is made regarding its publication. We reserve the right to publish or not to publish your submission. We do however commit to responding to each submission we receive. In some cases we may invite you to edit or develop your article further before potential publication on our site. There is a wide range of communication channels open to you if you would like to contact us for any reason.

Your story must include a headline, a good quality image and a body of text between 50 and 5000 words. Your submission will not be considered for publication unless these three elements are included.

There is no financial benefit to submitting a story. You will however become part of a growing group of conscious writers who care about advancing the good work of the Catholic community within Southern Africa and the world. Depending on your submissions you may be invited to submit additional articles, or to comment on others. You may find that through engagement on this platform, you are more informed and better positioned to have an impactful voice in your local context. We hope you will share these stories with us when they happen, as they will in turn inspire other readers to become contributors on this important platform.

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